Stereoscopic Video Camera

1998 - 1999

Some more photos of shooting "Alice In Digital Land"

Closer look on stereo monitor showing preliminary composited image. Note also preliminary real-time animated and roughly rendered CGI animal characters on both sides of Alice. The presence of this preliminary rendered image enabled us to check for Alice standing on the ground really and her position and the direction of her looks to her CGI counter players. These matters must be set very precisely in a 3D production since in well shot 3D the spectator actually sees the distances from the camera to the subjects.

Ella Van Den Hove (asscam) measuring lens hight so Phillippe Chiwi (real-time CGI specialist) can adjust the height of his virtual stereo camera to match perfectly. Note the preliminary camera construction (was much improved upon since then, see GAS3 photos) and also note the encoders on the head for recording the head movements.

Stereo Virtual Studio Setup by Phillippe Chiwi (In virtual chair with SGI T-shirt). Pascal Roulin (director - Pascavision) and Ella (asscam) in the back. The SGI Onyx computer on the left is used to generate the two background images in real time, the smaller computer on the very right is used to record the camera head movements and time code in order to be used during final rendering and compositing in post production. Phillippes real-time rendering system uses the same model databases that will be used for the final rendering, and also interfaces with us in real world dimensions (meters, centimeters and angles in degrees)

Front: Recording equipment (dual digi-beta plus monitors, and recordist) The digi-betas record the raw component camera signals, not the composite. The virtual reality setup is used for checking the 3D shot alignments only. The final rendering and composite is done in post.
In the Back: Phillippe Chiwi (de Pinxi) behind his magic console :-)



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