Stereoscopic 3D Video Camera

1998 - 2000
In 1998-1999 I collaborated with the devolopment of a professional stereoscopic production video camera. Below are the specifications of this camera that was used for several productions I shot with it till 2000
  • Full Color Stereoscopic Production Video Camera.
  • 6 CCD professional quality, full broadcast bandwith times two.
  • Sensivety equal to common video cameras. No losses, since the system is free of mirrors or additional prisms of any kind.
  • Parallel design makes for small size and good portability.
  • RGB, Component and Composite video outputs (625/50 or PAL).
  • Clever mechanical design allows for the use of most 35mm movie Camera Accessories.
  • Adapts easily to most grip equipment capable of handling 35mm film cameras, including most kinds of heads, dollies, cranes, remote cranes, remote heads, Motion Control, etc.
  • Adjustment Mechanism for quick and precise alignment of eyes
  • 77 mm minimum and typical eye distance.
  • Eye distance can be augmented in 3.5 cm steps if needed.
  • Mechanical focus coupling, smooth enough so focus can be driven by one Follow Focus unit or one single focus motor (like standard focus motors from hot-head, or most motion control rigs).
  • Arri Follow Focus, Arri Mattbox, 3 filter slides 6.6x.6.6".
  • Dual 10 cm LCD panel color viewfinders.
  • Equipped with zoom lenses for ease of setup (In shot zooming not supported,  not recommended in stereo 3D anyway).
  • 40 meter umbilical cable including all video signals, viewfinder returns, genlocks, serial camera remote control (paint, setup), intercom and power.
  • Can be mounted in "portrait mode" (shooting vertical 4:3) keeping the 7.7 cm eye distance. Usefull for shooting actors in full figure to be integrated in CGI environments. (pictures)
  • Signals can be recorded on dual component VCR. Choose from D5, Digital Beta or Beta SP or any other desired format.
  • Can run fully battery operated, including recording.
  • Variable shutter speeds including "clearscan" for shooting TV and computer monitors with minimal interference.
  • Not a "lab" camera, but a real and proven production tool designed by a cameraman, and succesfully used under multiple adverse conditions (cold, warm, humid), in both studio and on location int. and ext. situations. (See Pictures)
  • Christal Eyes 100Hz Full resolution shutter glasses 3D on-set 3D pre-visualisation available.
  • 3D Stereo of-line mixing available for VFX pre-views.
  • Trained and experienced crew available (D.O.P., Stereographer, AC and Video Technician/grader)(AC or video tech mandatory).
  • 3D Projection Screening Room available (Brussels, Belgium)
  • A joint effort of Phillipe Chiwi (de Pinxi), Pascal Roulin and Kommer Kleijn.
  • ALICE IN DIGITAL LAND - An Interactive Stereoscopic Adventure (26 minutes, dual Laserdisc)(Produced by Pascavision - Ph Studio - Dentsu Tec) for the Kitakyushu Media Dome, Kitakyushu, Japan (1998)
  • GAS3 - A 10 Minute Corporate Short (10 min, dual digi-beta)(Carillon Projects) (1998)
  • HAUNTED CASTLE - Live Elements for a CGI 1570-3D feature (nWave Pictures) (2000)
  • 20 ANS SRIW - Live elements for a CGI corporate presentation (2000)
  • De Westhoek Queeste - 10 min drama for Westoria Museum Diksmuide Belgium (VARTEC) (2000)
  • See an article on ALICE IN DIGITALLAND on Mac Guff Ligne Website.

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