Kommer Kleijn SBC

Director of Photography, Visual Effects Cinematographer, Motion Control Cinematographer,
Stereographer, Special and Large Format Cinematography.
Visual Effects Consultant, Image Technology Consultant .

Electronic "FILM SIMULATION" Preview and Screening Theater

Previous Equipment list (2000 - 2011):
- BarcoGraphics 801s CRT projector with liquid cooled 8 inch SONY CRT's featuring genuine Sony phosphors. Grade one DC video amplification. More than 10.000:1 contrast ratio, 120 lux white on screen. By using a projector specified for screens up to 6 meters wide, on a less then 2 meter screen, it produces the contrast and power needed for a near-to-film simulation.
- IEV Turboscan 1500 Progressive scan line doubler and real-time de-interlacer. The IEV de-interlaces video on the fly and sends complete images to the projector in progressive scan. The complete images are then projected two times, much like a film projector does. RGB and component inputs. 525/60 and 625/50 compatible.
- IEV High performance digital PAL/SECAM/NTSC to RGB decoder with digital comb filter and chroma detail enhancement based on Y-signal detail, effectively limiting color bleeding. Composite and S-Video inputs. Decodes PAL, SECAM, NTSC, NTSC4.43 and PAL60.
- HDTV component to RGB matrix convertor for connection of HDCAM camera in replay mode with the correct colorometry
- Players for any type of optical videodiscs from any country, color system or region.  (LD, VCD, SVCD, CD-I, DVD, DVD-+R)
- VHS, S-VHS and U-matic players for PAL, SECAM and NTSC.
- Betacam SP and DV/DVCAM players for 625/50 (PAL/SECAM).
- The PC, DVD, Betacam SP and DV/DVCAM players all use a fully separated three channel (component) signal path up to the projection tubes (no coding).
- Mono, Stereo, Stereo MS, Dolby Stereo (Lt,Rt), Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital (5.1) sound decoding and full 6 channel discrete sound amplification and reproduction. Dolby Digital is reproduced at measured reference volume level.
- Pentium PC permanently linked to the Internet and in-house E-mail and FTP servers. SCSI-2 interface and CD/DVD-rom player. The PC is also equipped with real- time, hardware MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MJPEG (Pinnacle format) to video decoder boards. (PAL/NTSC) 
- FFV Omega Deck Dual Sterescopic video server for convenient recording and playback of two synchronised full broadcast simultanous video signals. Enables jog/shuttle study of sterescopic video.
- Stereographics CristalEyes Record/view unit processor enabling 100Hz (50Hz per eye) full resolution Stereoscopic projection from two full resolution separate video sources. Also equipped with a ChristalEyes Anamorphic format record video output.
- StereoGraphics ChristalEyes Playback unit. Allows 100Hz (50Hz per eye) Stereoscopic projection of stereoscopic videotapes recorded in PAL side-by-side Stereographics ChristalEyes Anamorphic format.
- Nine pairs of professional wide-view high speed ChristalEyes LCD wireless 3D shutter glasses.
- H3D shutterglass setup for 25/30Hz interlaced consumer system stereoscopic viewing. Six pairs of consumer type wireless 3D shutterglasses and corresponding IR transmitter. PAL and NTSC compatible installation.

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