Kommer Kleijn SBC

Director of Photography, Visual Effects Cinematographer, Motion Control Cinematographer,
Stereographer, Special and Large Format Cinematography.
Visual Effects Consultant, Image Technology Consultant .

Motion Control Photography

When Studio Aniway in Brussels bought their first Motion Control Rig from Marc Roberts Motion Control in 1993, I was active in clay and puppet animation production and was involved closely with the installation and setup of this rig. It was a Nelson Hardell model animation rig motorized by Marc Roberts and equipped with one of the very first FLAIR systems. I soon acquired a reputation of being experienced in working with it and in the 5 years that followed I shot more than 70% of the shoots the rig was on, Motion Control being quite unknown and considered new at that time in Belgium. When Studio Aniway decided in 1998 to acquire a more flexible and transportable system, I was hired to consult on the matter which resulted in Studio Aniway acquiring a MRMC MILO. I still today shoot regularly with the MILO rig and I am also labeled as the technical director of the Brussels rig. (Maintenance and integration).

In 2006 I designed a concept for a low cost light wight Motion control rig for stop frame animation only. It was bought by the "La Cambre" animation school in Brussels and build by Marc Roberts Motion control in the U.K. It was presented in Brussels on december 11 2008 and was called the ANIMOKO.

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