Kommer Kleijn SBC

Director of Photography, Visual Effects Cinematographer, Motion Control Cinematographer,
Stereographer, Special and Large Format Cinematography.
Visual Effects Consultant, Image Technology Consultant

"Digital Film" Animation Camera

1996 - 2000
  • Digital Film camera based on a Very High Definition CCD chip.
  • Shoots without film, but with film quality! (NOT video)
  • Very small size and footprint relative to output quality
  • Output files compatible with current digital film postproduction equipment. No data compression.
  • Images are recorded on SCSI harddisks, wich are later burnt into CD-R's wich then act as our "original negative"
  • Resolution of 3096 times 2048 pixels @ 36 bit depth. (3k)
  • No image or data compression. Maximum quality.
  • Speed: 1 frame per 8 seconds.
  • Optical TTL mirror viewfinder on groundglass
  • Video assist on TTL viewfinder
  • Choice of Mamiya lenses
  • Remote control of shutter, mirror arming and data download
  • Mechanical Motion Control focus motor coupling.
  • Image treatment and processing for film recording worked out and available.
  • view pictures of this camera at work

    A joint effort of Stephane Simal (K.E.E.N.) Paul-Francois Fontigny and Kommer Kleijn.

    ARTHUR - An Animated short by Guionne Leroy (5 minutes, 35mm) (K.E.E.N)
    2 minutes of SFX Animation for THRILL RIDE  (40 min 70mm 15 perf) (nWave Pictures)
    KUROSAWA'S DREAM - Japan DVD commercial (30 seconds - TV) (Pascavision)

    Article on ARTHUR on AWN Website
    THRILL RIDE Official Website
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